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Individual Counseling
Family Counseling
Communication is the key to building and maintaining a stable
and functional relationship. Sometimes, it can be difficult to speak
openly and honestly to your partner.  Our counselors provide a
safe and comfortable atmosphere, where ideas and opinions can
be expressed openly and courteously.  Our counselors can then
help facilitate a discussion where both you and your partner can
work out whatever differences you may be experiencing.
Often times, your families are the ones who made you the person
that you are. Families are constantly changing, and throughout
those changes, hurdles may arise.

We can help each member of your family learn their role within
the family and what is expected of them.  We can help your
family learn how to communicate with each other better, so that
each individual can grow and contribute to the family. Each
family is different; our counselors are here to help identify the
deeper issue that might be affecting the family.
Couples Counseling
Counseling is a personal experience that is different for each
patient. Our counselors are trained in a variety of therapeutic
techniques so they can help you with whatever difficulties you are
experiencing in the way that works best for you. Counseling begins
with a period of evaluation during which you will discuss the
reasons for seeking treatment. This process gives the counselor the
opportunity to learn about you, develop an understanding about
why you came to counseling and to help you set some goals for
treatment. Our goal is to help you reach your goals.