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  • How to build courage and character in your child
  • Effective, nonviolent discipline skills
  • Why children misbehave and how to redirect them
  • Three styles of parenting…and why only one of them
  • How to deal with issues of drugs, sexuality and
  • Natural and logical consequences
  • Active parent-child communication techniques
  • Teaching responsibility
  • Coping with bullies
  • Problem-solving in groups
  • How to hold family meetings
This is a 6-session group-based
program for Parents of Children 5-12.
The Active Parenting Class  is taught quarterly.  This class provides a family centered
educational experience that can lead to a less stressful and more purposeful home
 The class is free of charge and includes dinner for the whole family.
  • How to hold family meetings
  • Skills for clear, honest communication
  • Concrete Strategies to prevent risky behavior
  • How to be an encouraging parent
This is a 6-session group-based program for Parents of
Active Parenting
If you would like to sign up for our next Active Parenting Class, please give us a call
at 359-0519.