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Any number of life situations can
require one-on-one individual
counseling or therapy. Often matters
dealing with stress reactions, grief,
depression, anger management,
socialization problems, or other
aspects of personal management of
one's behaviors can be assisted with a
variety of therapeutic techniques.
Communication is the key to building
and maintaining a stable and
functional relationship. Sometimes it
can be difficult to speak openly and
honestly, especially when your
partner may be critical and harsh.  
Couples counseling facilitates the
opportunity for direct, open
communication without being judged
or allowing emotions to get in the
Family therapy provides a place to
learn how to be a harmonious family.
It can be is used for conflict resolution
between family members or to help
with developing coping skills or
improving communication within the
family structure
Psychosocial rehabilitation promotes
recovery, full community integration
and improved quality of life for
persons who have been diagnosed
with any mental health condition that
seriously impairs their ability to lead
meaningful lives.
Our Substance Abuse Treatment
Program is designed to assist
individuals  to recognize things that
trigger their use and help them to
learn the skills they can use to
overcome their addictions.
The Emotion Code is an energy
healing technique that helps us to
identify and release trapped emotions
that can cause all manner of ailments
such as depression, anxiety, pain,
phobia, and many other mental,
emotional, and physical ailments.
Releasing trapped emotions balances
the body and makes conditions right
for the body to heal.
EMDR (Eye Movement
Desensitization and Reprocessing)  an
integrative psychotherapy approach
that has been extensively researched
and proven effective for the treatment
of trauma.
The Active Parenting Class  is taught
quarterly.  This class provides a family
centered educational experience that
can lead to a less stressful and more
purposeful home environment.
UVRCC offers free Community
Seminars with helpful information
about Parenting, Drugs & Alcohol
Abuse, Stress, and many other helpful