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Individual Counseling
The primary purpose of therapy is to address the issues that make it hard for the individual to manage their lives and achieve their
goals. The therapy will help the individual to discover what areas of their lives are causing problems and set goals to resolve these

                                                   Group Treatment:

Motivational Enhancement
The Motivation Enhancement program is designed to help people move through the stages of change and toward changing
substance abuse.

Relapse Prevention
Using the Hazelden Recovery Plan's "Help Series", clients are taught about the core issues in addiction and recovery.  This
program focuses on helping learn which recovery techniques are relevant and useful for each individual by connecting concepts
with life experiences and interests, experimenting with new behaviors in a safe environment, and making concrete plans to use new
behaviors in daily life.

Cognitive Self-Change
Cognitive Self-Change is a cognitive behavioral self-risk management program that incorporates behavioral techniques and
stresses the need for creating a social learning environment
Substance Abuse Treatment